Do or die game for both Dada (Pune team) and the wall Dravid (Rajasthan team) in IPL!!

Today we will be able to see the match between the two teams in the IPL i.e. Rajasthan and Pune. Already Rajasthan in 6th position and Pune in 8th position, both the teams are in inconsistent form, whichever team wins there will be healthy completion for the 3rd and 4th position. Concern for Dada is that Michael Clarkeopening is not consistent in batting line up, which makes Uthappa and Dada to take responsible in the middle order, though they are comfortable in chasing.

On the other had Dravid’s team have lost consecutive 3 games, the concern is that they are too dependent on the captain and Rahane, so other players like Watson , Hodge should show their game.

The trump card for the Ganguly is Mathews, where he can play dynamically along with the middle order and bowl, field in an excellent manner. On the other hand for Rajasthan, Tait’space bowling can cause trouble in Pune’s line up. The main key players for Rajasthan are Uthappa and Clarke who can turn the game for them. Same way for Kolkata it is Australian all-rounder Watson and the IPL century holder Rahane. Let us wait and watch (Match scheduled to begin at 16:00 local time (10:30 GMT) whether Dada or Dravid.

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