Self-talk improves your Cognitive abilities!!!

It is said that the humans are the only living organisms that can’t stop talking to themselves. It can be crazy but self-talk can improve in creative thinking, perception, reasoning and judgment. General study suggests that, language is not only a form of communication but it more than that, such as augment thinking and perception which is also suggested by Physiologist Gary Lupyan from University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Self-talk improves performance in any field, whether it may be business, sports, medicine or entertainment. When considering Karate or any martial art they have trained to practice the kicks and punches with the help of huge and loud shouts, which helps in concentrating the kick or punch in increasing the accuracy.

Human resource and Physiatrist study suggest that, Self-talk is a process of brain storming. When doing self-talk, the concerns are let out, revolves around the goals, future thinking and problems. It will help in building the confidence such that to handle any kind of circumstances which will help in positive solutions for any kind of issues. This self-talk not only help personally but also improves the productivity in the corporate environment of the individual.

History says that American president Abraham Lincoln used to have a self-talk in front of mirror before giving any kind of speech, which made comfortable while addressing the audience.

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