Assam: 200 passengers of ferry is still missing

Approximately over 200 passengers of the ferry, capsized boat near the Medartary in the Dhubri district of Assam was found missing due to the strong and sudden cyclonic storm that had occurred on Monday evening. Army Board Security Force along with help of local villagers engaged to rescue operation of the capsized boats at the river of Brahmaputra in the village named Bura-Buri in the states of Assam.

However on Tuesday morning they resumed the search operations with army BSF (Board Security Force) and on National Disaster Response Force (NDRF). According to the sources from the survivors, they said that over 400 passengers were there while boarding and when tragedy occurred.

They said about 350 tickets were sold for adults and there were many children travelled. The boat consists of men, women and children in larger count. Jayanto Narayan Choudury, Director General of Police said that over 100 of people were rescued and now at safety and 17 bodies were found dead and 35 still missing and 10 were severely injured.

Nevertheless, State Disaster Management authorities said to the police sources a day before as 52 bodies were recovered whereas on morning 6.15pm the police sources revealed only 17 bodies were only recovered.

The sight which is mentioned as location of mystery, Medartary said to be 50 km away from Bangladesh and so India has obtained assistance from them as they may seem to be washed far away.

To the people who were dead in the tragedy the government announced to issue 2lakh to their family, said Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Tarun Gogoi, Assam Chief Minister said that those who were injured will be given Rs. 50,000.

State government announced to provide free treatment to the victims who are affected and they assured to have help from the Centre’s help in relief operations. Sympathies were shown towards the deceased family members.

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