The 100th 100 men Mr. Sachin, supported by Ace actor Aamir khan!!!

We all know that last year Mumbai Indian captain Mr. Sachin Tendulkar entering politics i.e. being nominated to the Rajyasabha. For this our TaareZameen par Hero Aamir Khan supports Sachin entering into the politics.

According to me, there are several qualities required for entering into politics such as honesty, need to be sensible, intelligent and also straight forward person. Being known Sachin Tendulkar for a long time, indeed he has more than these qualities to enter into politics and I am happy for him being nominated in the RajyaSabha.

On the other hand our Sachin Tendulkar is not willing to share the information about the RTI plea which requires the details about his house, which was filed by activist Anil Galgali in October 2011. Galgali asked the information about the fine and payment made by the Sachin Tendulkar to get occupation certificate of the house which is cleared.

It is said that Sachin home has violated against the home plan like adding additional gym which was not in the original plan.

Let us see what our Tendulkar does after entering politics!!!.

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