Government railway police and protection force launches two helplines

As the ticket rate that was increased in the bus fare is very high when compared to the train fare rate the people started to travel in train rather than in bus. However for long journey people prefer train as safety and comfortable in such case if you face any sort of trouble in train how to intimate that to the corresponding officer or higher officials?

To solve this problem Government Railway Police (GRP) helpline number is 9662500500 and RPF (Railway Protection Force) helpline number is 9003161700. If you trigger with any problem in Central Railway Station or Egmore Station or while moving in the train then you can approach these helpline numbers.

GRP and RPF have launched this mode of helpline for the welfare of passengers through the Community Service Registration (CSR) facility. In case of chain snatching, teasing, harassment inside train, then public can immediately call any of the two helpline numbers and the agencies has formed special team to help passengers.

These helpline modes are named as “Protecting Hands” or “Kaakum Karangal”. S.R. Gandhi said that the railway station of Central has been divided into six sectors whereas Egmore is divided into Three sectors and 24 policemen for Central and 18 Policemen for Egmore will be deployed and they will be armed he added.

The cal made by the public will be directed to the person responsible at the call center and he will alert the respective team through his walkie-talkie. Deputy Superintendent of Police of Chennai Central, V.Ponramu informed that the reaction time is set as two minutes because any further delay will cause impact severe.

This project is pilot project which means if it is successful in Chennai then it would be implemented all over the state and in all districts. Apart from the helpline numbers the CSR is there to facilitate the passengers. If any problem occurs CSR will be registered and given a receipt to the person.

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