Indian captain’s Retirement, according to health condition

The winner of 2011 world cup captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni told that he would opt for 50 over format then the test match. Dhoni said that his retirement plan depends upon his health condition.

During the year end of 2013, need to see “how my body condition looks like”, if it is not in healthy condition means I have to make way for the youngsters to play the game. To carry on the game I will choose for the one day format then the test games. In order to the play the world cup (2015), I need to opt to pursue one format of the game that too depends upon the body fitness.

On the other hand Dhoni answered that, cricketing conference is much easy when compared to business, since it is not dealing with “%%” and also said that he is interested in growing hair.

Any comments about “Tendulkar’s entering politics” Dhoni said “Let’s wait and see”

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