Kerala: Italy offers Rs. 1 crore to the dead Indian fisherman

Two Italian marines were arrested to the death of Indian fisherman and they are now at the central prison located in Thiruvananthapuram. The marines were Massimiliano Latorre and Salvatore Girone and on Friday they were allowed to meet their family from prison.

In Kerala high court they said that two fisherman were killed by the marines who came in the ship (Italian-flagged), Enrica Lexie. The Italian government however convinced Kerala high court as the legal heirs, the each bereaved family will be given Rs. 1 crore as compensation and settlement.

A.M. Shafeeq, justice of this case seemed to be allowing the petition. The agreement for the settlement were prepared legally and produced in front of the court and both parties agreed upon it and signed. Italian government said that this agreement is to pay the amount not only as compensation but as a mark of respect

It is a symbol of international goodwill which exists between two sovereign friendly states. It is also to symbolize the utmost sympathy to show the humanitarian and compassionate grounds. This is one time payment and final ex-gratia payment to the death fisherman family.

This offer or decision is not taken upon any judgment and it’s purely without the interference of prejudice. This amount will enhance their lives in some extent and helps to rebuild their life. The court ordered that the case has to be published on April 25 before the Lok Adalat.

The agreement included  the statement as “without prejudice offer” not to fasten upon the Italian government but for its citizen, officers, two naval marines, agents, subsidiaries and admiralty suits, affiliates, employees and whomsoever and whatsoever reason it may take on account to unfortunately demise the two dead Kerala fisherman.

After approaching the high court they are unconditionally withdrawing from all their other proceedings and all of the allegations upon it. Italians were complained for not obeying Indian jurisdiction laws.

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