Anna Hazare joins hand with Ramdev for fast on June 3

Yoga guru Ramdev and Social Activist Anna Hazare has planned to join hands for doing the fast on June 3 at Jantar Mantar. The announced this in front of press stating that the fast is for demanding for the strong Lokpal and for mobilizing against the black money.

In the joint press conference at Gurgaon they addressed that the government was bit scared of getting back the black money and they are kept in the safe heavens abroad and the IAC (Indian Against Corruption) Movement members are drafted to accept the Jan Lokpal Bill.

Mr. Anna Hazare is a very honorable person in the point of view of people and so many youngsters have joined hands with him in favor of his acts. Hazare said that his intention is not to make the government fall but if the government fails to listen to voice of people and when it falls and fails in such a case then it’s not a matter of concern.

The Lokpal bill is objected because it’s too weak and ineffective and Hazare has demanding for Jan Lokpal bill is strong and effective to be executed. He added that if Jan Lokpal bill if drafted then half of the ministers would move into jail. Nevertheless the drafting panel was formed last year to arrive at a conclusion to understand the bill against the corruption.

Jan Lokpal bill was discussed by government and it is sent to the parliament and referred by the standing committee. Government is cheating people as if they are considering the Jan Lokpal bill but the fact is they are rejected just in the drafting panel committee meetings.

Corruption is so deep rooted tree and it has to be removed or else society will vanish. The development funds have not in idea to reach the target groups and so it can impact on the growth.

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