Mamata should function with maturity: Justice Katju

On Wednesday in New Delhi at a press conference Katju said that to run a democratic country, chief minister Mamata Banerjee should have some mature manner and she should also remember she is not a street fighter anymore. This conference was held after the happenings against back drop of cartoon controversy.

Justice Markandey Katju while addressing the press conference said that she might have behaved more maturely and she is a chief minister for a state and not a street fighter. The way that she behaved is totally unadvisable and unacceptable. She must practice to function in the Democratic Party.

Regarding the question of the arrest of a professor in the case for posting the cartoon which is truly related with the Trinamool Congress on the Social networking website, Justice argued that Mr. Mamata Banerjee she learn to act as a administrator and however she is not a opposition leader too.

He said what is the matter if someone publishes a cartoon about great people, he added that many cartoons where even published about him and nevertheless he is a good well wisher of Mamata Banerjee and he wants her to behave well but she lack in it, he commented.

The most important aspect of it all is that the person of integrity was the West Bengal Chief Minister. The cartoon was to demonstrate the status of west Bengal government making its typical decision to ban the English dailies in Bengali newspaper and regardless of it; it’s from state funded and state aided libraries and raising issue with the union minister Sultan Ahmed of Trinamool congress.

Katju added that he is trying to hold back Mamata against her behavior without maturity. He also stressed that he would never allow Mamata to take up with such decision. The poser of cartoon involved all ministers who include Dinesh Trivedi, Mamata Banerjee, and Mukul Roy.

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