Indian hockey team ready for Olympics

As all knows hockey is the national game of India but audience cheer well for cricket and other sports. This must change and so the Indian hockey team has started preparing for the Olympics game. The heroes and trio of hockey team include Shivendra Singh, Sardar Singh, and Sandeep Singh.

On Saturday the trio promised that they will deliver a winning performance in the Olympics. They honorable said for sure they will get a medal for India and they are so determined to win the biggest sporting event.

In 2008 the hockey wouldn’t able to make it to Beijing but now Indian hockey players had won the qualifying tournament which took place at New Delhi and Olympics would be mega event to watch, admire and cheer up.

Sardar Singh, was the player of the tournament said that the players are well training for Olympics. They are playing with concentration and getting stronger day by day. Sandeep Singh is known as star drag Flicker said that they will play well in London match and win a proud and medal to the country.

Every player emphasized that the growth of their team is mainly due to the train that is being offered by the coach, Michael Nobbs. They said they are now implementing the old Indian hockey style, attacking hockey and the improvisation is quite well watched in recent matches.

The coach and trainer are both from Australia and however they are very hard working and so the players also, Sardar said. The way the hockey is played now days is trained along with the heavy weight training. He also added that they wouldn’t make it to Beijing Olympics team but this time it’s not going to happen, they promised to make it in Olympics.

Nevertheless to make it to the London Olympics they need to cross over 15-16 matches. They said this matches will be the chance to improve and train them well and they added that they will do well.

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