Chennai Super Kings made incredible victory: Chidambaram

CSK proved them with the unbelievable victory at the Chidambaram stadium on Thursday. How the thriller of the win was spread widely as they were to score 2 runs in one ball. The crowd of audience and supporters of CSK and RCB (Royal Challenges Bangalore) were in tension till the last movement.

The last ball seems to be a high pressure which with finish of happy explosive for CSK. The last four of Ravindra Jadeja was the final touch to the win. CSK won against RCB with 5 wickets and they scored 206-6. In their victory there smelled the sense of celebration in their home campus.

CSK and its captain believed that they would win the match with chasing score and that idiotic fortune however worked and they won. RCB did a major mistake not by choosing a worth bowler who can manage not to give scores. Nevertheless their bowlers Kohli and Bhatkal gave 71 runs in total just in 4 overs. Regardless of their bowling the batsman was able to score high.

Albie Morkel, the left handed batsman of CSK was the one who turned the victory against RCB as he scored 28 runs in 19th over (just 6 balls) and the longest six of that match was scored only by him. However he was out in 19.2 over.

Captain of CSK, Mahindra Singh Dhoni managed to score 41 runs in 28 balls and was out by Zaheer Khan. In spite of his fans felt for the out but the next upcoming batsmen took to the match so interesting with a happy ending. This is one the Dhoni’s innings where he was effortlessly fighting against the ball.

There is nothing to blame against RCB as they did well done batting and they scored a partnership (Chris Gayle and Virat Kohli)scoring of 109 run in just 66 balls. Apart from all their efforts CSK tackled to win the match.

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