Massive Earthquake shakes Indonesia and India

Massive Earthquake felt in Indonesia which is measured as 8.9 in Richter scale. 8.9 was the first measured magnitude and later it was downgraded to 8.6 magnitudes and reported to have the occurrence of tsunami. The impact was mainly focused on Tamil Nadu state as it’s near the Indian Ocean.

The earthquake actually occurred in coast of Indian Ocean which showed its maximum impact on Indonesia and however the tremors were felt in India. As soon as tsunami warning was issued for Indonesia, Tamil Nadu government also issued warnings and later it withdrew the warning.

Earthquake felt all over TN and tsunami alerts was issued to all coastal districts from Chennai to Kanyakumari district. Alerts were received from various places which include INCOIS (Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services) and ITEWC (Indian Tsunami Early Warning Centre).

First tremor was felt around 2.38pm and the alert started issuing on from 3.00pm and so the evacuation was started from 3.40 pm from all coastal area. The second tremor was again felt two hours after the first. 5.16pm in Kudankulam, 4.43pm at Nagapattinam, 4.33pm at Cuddalore, 4.48pm at Chennai and 4.40pm at Mamallapuram.

Peoples, colleges, courts, offices and all government and private sectors started announcing the tremor on earthquake and so people started quick evacuation. People felt their building shaking and so they came to the road to save their lives.

There were totally 4 to 5 lakh people just from Chennai started to evacuate to their home and so traffic was too high across many areas. The city traffic was totally stunned in evening after the first tremor was felt and beach side was totally blocked

Police men’s were put in the beach side to make the public move out of that area however public cooperation was little low, people were excited to see if tsunami would come.

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