Kerala: Tale of a tiger, trapped and freed in Wayanad forest

Five year old male tiger created a sensation among the Kerala people near Krishnagiri, Wayanad District. This panic was spread out in Meenangadi in the Wayanad district. The male tiger was trapped in a cage, where it was used as bait. It was trapped by Forest and Wildlife Department officials.

They said that this is the rare event that has occurred in that region. The people felt very relief seeing that the tiger trapped, because it had attacked many domestic animals that Saturday.

In that process of transporting the animal, George Chandy (Veterinarian) certified that the male tiger is fit for travel and it happened to be the smooth process. The officials use the pulley system to cover the cage and ready it to transport it to safe location to free it.

During the travelling period the officials sprayed out water on the animal. It was just to keep it cool during this hot weather and nothing else. Using pulley they transferred the cage into the tractor.

The tractor was used for the transportation. When the place (forest) reached, the cage was opened out and the tiger smelled the freshness in the air. Tiger was happy and brisk after it had an uncomfortable weekend spending with humans and domestic animals.

It felt freedom in the forest. Nevertheless many stories we have heard her and there about man-animal conflicts and relationship but this one is really a happy and true ending. Wayanad has many wildlife sanctuaries and so the tiger strength used to be very denser in that area.

The National Tiger Conservation Authority reported that the tiger is abundant among the zone which covers the area of territories and the count ranges from 267 to 382 of tigers in total. However zone officials said that they have four tigers per hundred km area.

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