Railway budget 2012-2013 rail fares hiked across classes

This price hike has been announced after eight years from last modified ticket rate. Rail passengers who are new towards this are terribly shocked and the price hike will effect from April 1. However this price hike has been protested by Trinamool congress and they have also shown a red flag against their own minister in the hike

The rationalization, which is the effect of rail hike, is too harsh. It would affect only 30% of high class passengers however it would affect the daily short distance traveler for about 150%.

Dinesh Trivedi, Railway Minister said that the railway budget that is being proposed for 2012-2013 has nothing to do with the “rationalization”. He also added that it is a gradual way of incremental hike and the price increased will be purely based on the distance to which you travel and the class that you choose to travel.

This increase will bring the additional railway revenue as Rs.7000 crore in the year 2012-2013. Mr. Dinesh Trivedi added that when the fuel adjustment component is also there in fare hike and when that comes into effect the price would go up further. The platform ticket has increased for Rs.2 and will cost Rs.5 from April.

The low fare was Rs.2 before but now it has been rounded to Rs.5 and this would be considers being very minimum fare for both suburban and urban commuters. The minimum distance charge is 150 km. The AC-2 and for AC class the minimum distance for charge is 300 km.

For sleeper class they have increased 5 paise per km. The AC chair is 10 paise per km. AC-3 tier and AC-2 tier has increased 10 paise and 15 paise per km. In the AC class 30 paise is increased. The minimum fare in AC-2 is Rs. 405 and travel for 2500 km the fare is Rs. 1690.

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