Shekhar Suman to turn director for son Adhyayan

Actor Shekhar Suman has now decided to be a director for his son Adhyayan Suman. Adhyayan Suman is now set to act in a film ‘Heartless’. The movie is a medical thriller and Shekhar’s son will play lead role. The sources said that the Shekhar’s directorial debut is a remark of the Hayden Christensen-Jessica Alba starrer Hollywood hit, Awake.

The shooting of the film is expected to start in May this year. This film has Adhyayan with Giselli Monteiro. Since Shekhar is producing the movie, he is in talks with a few big companies to partner with.

Adhyayan states, “We are in constant touch with The Weinstein Company to buy the remark rights of the film because we do not want any copyright issues later. But it will not be an exact copy because the situations and characters are going to be altered.”

Sumans have approached writer Nina Arora to pen the script and screenplay while Niranjan lyengar is working on the dialogue.

Till Shekhar starts to shoot the movie, he is back to entertain the audience with his cult show “Movers & Shakers”. Social activist Anna Hazare will give his entry as the special guest on the premiere episode of the show.

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