Suspects of the Anto Alukkas jewellery shop burglary case is remanded in custody

West Bengal: In the Anto Alukkas jewellery shop heist case, three suspects has been arrested by the Tirupur police at West Bengal. They were brought under their court on Saturday. And the magistrate court said to remand them under the judicial custody.

The stolen property from the showroom includes 36 kg gold jewellery and 2kg of gold with diamond studded jewellery. Total of which it worth for Rs. 10.5 crore and yet to be recovered.  According to police sources, five others where accused.

Those who are arrested and remanded under custody are S. Mir Raju Ali (30) and S. Hakkim-ul-Sheik (27) from district of Murshidabad and village named Beniagram from city of West Bengal and the other named A. Zia-ul-Sheik (28) Sahibganj district from Jharkhand.

V. Balakrishnan, Superintendent of police said that three of them were arrested on March 5th by the Farakka police station ad they were immediately produced in front of the additional chief judicial magistrate at Jangipur and he was the one who issued the transit warrant against them in the case.

Doubts remain as whether the three arrested where actually involve in the burglary or not because the finger prints that was taken from the crime scenario doesn’t seem to match the three who were arrested. Police has not recovered any of the looted things and also they have not yet found the one who match the finger print.

Superintendent of police, Balakrishnan said that Zia-ul-Sheik was the no.1 to be accused and he also added that he never entered inside the showroom however he waited outside the jewellery and so his finger prints is not there.

And the other two arrested were also didn’t directly been involved in the crime, they helped in supplying the oxygen cylinders for those who were cutting and breaking through the showroom. Police now looking to arrest those who have been absconded.

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