Chennai topped in police complaint lodging through online

The Tamil Nadu police website, has been redesigned so as to provide assistance and variety of options, interactions and links to file the complaints online.

People get to be connected with the law enforcing agencies via this and if you are the victim affected by eve teasing, ragging and all, you can be able to file the complaint with just few clicks.

Statistics has revealed that lodging police complaint through online is higher and they involve mainly the cases like cheating, land grabbing, nuisance, harassment for dowry and criminal intimidation. As also for the part for e-governance the police website has been entirely redesigned.

Redesigning of the website has made it easy accessible and user friendly. Some of the supplications can be freely downloaded and they include seeking license to obtain police gun, internet browsing center, gymnasiums, and private detective and security agencies.

Contact numbers for helpline for women is available for 24/7. They are exclusively for women. They also reveal details of nearby women police station location and also all police stations in that state.

The website has a link for “online complaint”, on clicking in that it takes you to the complaint form. They exists separate methods and filling techniques for the complaints such as land grabbing, cheating and so on. Each and every complaint is been acknowledged and the district and city has to be mentioned in complaint.

The investigation and the actions would be taken on every complaint and the report is being sent to the person who actually filed the complaint. Polices sources said this facility has got good response for the public in the recent months.

Across the state in the year 2011 they are approximately 6,178 police complaints is been filed, statistics by SCRB (State Crime Record Bureau) reveled. Chennai topped with 2,920 complaints among the 6,178. Of this reply sent to 6,081 complaints.

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