Cabinet approves amendments to Motor Vehicle Act

The Union Cabinet yesterday approved the amendments in the Motor Vehicle Act that suggests almost 10 times more penalty and action against those who violate the traffic rules in the country. The Motor Vehicle Act was framed in 1988 and was amended last in 2001.

The new bill will be introduced in the Rajya Sabha during the Budget session that has fines for using mobile phone while driving will be Rs 500 to Rs 5000. The bill introduces Rs 500 fine for not wearing seat belt and helmet or for violating a red signal for the first time. The fines will multiply, if the same offender violates the traffic rules subsequently.

According to the new law, if a driver is seen crossing the speed limit for the first time, he will have to pay Rs 1000 and Rs 5000 for subsequently offences. The fine could go up to Rs 5000 with a two-year imprisonment for reckless driving.

For drunk driving the penalty will also be Rs 5000, which is mainly responsible for accidents in the country. Drunk driving will be graded and the penalty as per the state of drunkenness.

According to a source, the amendments are meant to deal the traffic offences seriously.

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