Italy moves to Kerala High Court

In the case over killing of two Indian fishermen over the marines of the Italy, the Italy has raised their voice over the case. Italy has now moved to the Kerala High Court for seeking the murder charges. Envoy (representative) from Italy has planned to visit Kerala in the demand of searching on for the truth.

Nevertheless India made its statement more clearly that the issue would be handled according to the law of the land. India also added that the free and fair judiciary will take up any correct decision on this issue.

Steffan de Mistura, Deputy Foreign Minister rushed over India this early morning to the meeting. The counterpart in behalf of India was played well by the Preneet Kaur. After a daylong meeting the two countries envoys came to a conclusion that the tie up between them is very important for all of us.

To the reporters Ms. Preneet Kaur informed that two Italian marines are been arrested on this India and tomorrow the court will be deciding what actions to be taken against them. As per their point of law they are concerned on their interpretation and we are more precise on our interpretation.

Even the counterpart action took place on the International waters as per the report maintained by the Italian. However whatever may be the case India will be going according to its law, Ms. Kaur informed.

Mr. Mistura prepared on a mutual agreement which holds up three points but Ms. Kaur denied on the agreement and the came towards an understanding. The understanding agreement concluded in only one thing that the law will take its own course of action against the arrested marines.

Mr. Mistura has acknowledged that two Indian citizens have been died and they feel sorry for it. The investigation is on the process about the exact position and the happenings of the incident.

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