Murder at School – Chennai

In St Mary’s Anglo-Indian High School, a 41-year-old teacher named Uma Maheshwari was murdered by a student of class 9. Students started gathering for the service from 7 am and discussed about the incident.

Parents requested the school management that this incident would not happen again. They gathered at the school auditorium at 9 am and the hall was made with full of silence. In front of the audience, school principal Fr Siby Mathew started the speech with sorrows.

He said, “Uma died in the line of duty. It is a matter of pride and honor to speak about her because she was one person who was ready to do any task and who could stand out in a crowd”.

He added, “Whenever there was a shortage of teachers she would come up to me and say ‘Father, I can take those classes if you want me to’”. A good friend and colleague of Uma Maheshwari said, “There are a lot of things Uma spoke to me about.

For some reason she even said she didn’t think she would live for two more years. She once said, Sangeetha (Maheshwari’s 16-year-old daughter) wants a computer and mobile phone but I want to give her Jesus Christ. In case something happens to me you should look after my daughters, Sangeetha and Janani. You don’t need a bank balance in heaven”.

R Mahalakshmi, the mother of a student said, “I blame the boy’s parents for not speaking to him or trying to understand how he felt about school. The incident would not have occurred if the boy was advised by his parent”.

After the service, the students returned home with their parents. The management of school deposited Rs 5 lakh for the education of Maheshwari’s children and they also promised that they will help the children for their higher education also.

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