Man cuts wife’s dead body, burns it on balcony

A 72 years old man and his 44 years old daughter allegedly tried to dispose of the body of his wife by burning it in the balcony of their house on Malavyaji Road in Valsad, Gujarat. Magan Rana lived with his wife Savita and daughter Kaushal. The 70 years old wife Savita had apparently died due to ill health. Magan Rana and his daughter Kaushal had first cut the body into pieces and were burning it in the house on Friday night.

The incident came to light when neighbours complained of fire in the house of Magan Rana. Both father and daughter initially told that they had burnt the body of their cat which had died on their bed. However, during further probe, man revealed that he burnt his wife Savita who had died on 29th January after prolonged illness. According to the police, the incident has been suspected that the act was a part of some blind faith.

Forensic expert confirmed that the burnt remains of flesh belonged to a human being. Police told, the remains have been sent for postmortem to ascertain if the death was natural or not. After the report of postmortem, further course of investigation would be decided.

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